Thursday, October 26, 2006

The One True Thing in Life That Will Always Make Me Laugh

Granted, there are many things in life I find funny. Things such as:
* With Six You Get Eggroll (with five, baloney!)
* When you flip a pancake and it sticks to the ceiling, and then just as you look up at it, it splatters on your face (also funny with pizza dough, but slightly less so)
* Kitties playing in paper bags
* all of Three Amigos
* When pickles look like penises
* Rich's top model recaps
* The phrase "fall down go boom"
* The idea of a unicorm baking a cake and using his unicorn (unihorn?) to stir the cake batter, and then his friend the baby panda comes into the kitchen and licks the cake batter off his horn and says "MMM! Deliciouso!"

In fact, I feel the need to illustrate that for you:

Regardless. Irregardless. There is one true thing (or, "bit," if you will) that will always make me laugh. And today I am in a not so hot mood, so I thought I would share this one true thing with all of you, just so you can bookmark this post and come on back everything you're, let's say, hypothetically, frustrated with the jobby and miffed at a buncha other things. Voila. Viola. Violin! Villon!

I don't what that first frame is, but, hell, I'm just stealing this from youtube. But, oh, Dana Carvey doing chopping brocolli, and Uncle Sigourney Weaver is in the background along with fantabulous Phil Hartman. The best of the best. You know Siggy Weaves totally gets it, and just look at how Phil Hartman savors the sheer genius that he is sucking up the like nectar of the finest cake baked by a unicorn (with vanilla frosting).

Oh, also? You should watch Celebrity Paranormal Project on VH1, Sundays at 10/9c. I've been doing the promos, so, please, tune in and make me feel like I matter.


shannon said...

You have got to find a way to download Dana Carvey's whole stand up special from like 10 years ago. He covers the O.J. Simpson trial, having kids and does the broccoli bit. He is the best!!!

Julio said...

Oh, you better download it or something, before the SNL/NBC legal teams cries foul and demands that, like all other SNL clips, this one also be taken down!

Seriously. If they provided full vids in their corporate YouTube-wannabe page, I wouldn't mind. But alas, they do not. And how are we all supposed to be happy if we can't watch full SNL clips from a glorious past, seeing how SNL currently sucks? But I digress.