Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh boy! More Lesbians on Top Model, Please!

So I'm reading this interview with former top model contestant Megan (you know, the one whose mom kept her warm after the plane crash), and she totally just outed Michelle (the hotter/tomboy creepy twin) as being gay.

Now Michelle is even more awesome (how is that possible? Except: FIX YOUR POSTURE, GIRLFRIEND) and I love this show more than ever.

Except, I must say that the triple-whammy of Model/Lost/ProjRun is almost too much for my poor little brain to handle on Wednesday nights. Wednesday is also the day of my ass-kicking total body conditioning class, so then I get home and can't move my arms. So watching three straight hours of TV PLUS not being able to move my arms sends me into paroxysms of overwhelmedness.


Emily said...

finally, FINALLY a way to tell them apart!

bex said...

totally. i SO hope they make her wear a pink triangle. JUST KIDDING. TOTALLY just kidding.