Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Go See "Makeout Session"

My awesome friend Kenan wrote this amazing play called "Makeout Session" and I highly advise that you go see it.

From the website:
An afternoon. A couch. A boy and a girl. In Act 1, they are 15. Innocent kissing leads them stumbling toward the brink of their first sexual encounter. In Act 2, they meet again ten years later, but the past is closer than they think.

An exploration of sex. An exploration of love, and an exploration of the overwhelming question "are they going to kiss?

I saw a workshop of this play last winter (as a matter of fact, I was about to walk into the theater when my roomie called to tell me that our apartment was on fire!) But then, the next night, after all the my-love-which-is-a-building-which-is-on-fire crizazyness was over, I actually got to see the play.

And so should you.

So say we all!

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Michael said...

The press release for this play says that in Act I the couple makes out 27 times. This makes me question what the playwright believes to be the minimal requirements to determine whether or not you're making out. I mean, making out is measured in "sessions", right? I would think for something to qualify as a session it would have to last at least a minute or two. Otherwise you're just kissing. Could 40 minutes of the first act (roughly a minute and a half per session)consist of making out? Or is making out determined by the amount of touching going on while kissing, no matter how long the session? What do you think? At one point are you no longer just kissing, but actually making out?