Friday, October 20, 2006

FRAK MY GAK! Fraggles and Badgers and Riddley Walker, Oh My!

So I'm IM'ing with Josh about how there's going to be a Fraggle Rock movie and how I want to help write it because man-oh-manischevitz, do I know Fraggle Rock.

In fact, I refer to this chart I made two years ago, to chart my life and self-identity with regards to varying stages of fraggleness:

I should note, that as of October 20th, 2006 I have pulled away from the Wembley/Boober amalgam, and I would presently plot myself along the Red/Gobo axis. Life is good. (But I don't have photoshop on this computer so I can't update it right now; just go with me).

ANYWAY! So we're talking about Fraggles and Josh brings up "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas," which he and I both loved. I love it so much, even though it makes me cry. It makes me cry because how is his momma going to earn any money if there's a hole in her washtub??? BOOHOO!

Regardless, "Emmet Otter" was written by Russell Hoban. Who also wrote Bread and Jam for Frances, one of my fave books in the whole world (as a kid). And the very same man ALSO wrote "Riddley Walker," which is one of my dad's fave books and I read it as a kid and it fucked my shit, man.

And also inspired Mad Max.

But mainly it fucked my shit.

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