Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh no! The Depression Virus! It's Out of CONTROL!

So those frakking "Depression Hurts spots for Cymbalta are on all the time and they make me insane.

I mean, whatever, I'm sure people who are depressed experience physical pain and I'm not out to deprive them of new treatment options.

But the way Cymbalta presents itself as if it owns depressed-people-with-pain and that it's the only option -- and that BREAKING NEWS, depression is painful and depression hurts EVERYONE, even your pretty Lassie dog and even if you hide behind the filing cabinets at work you can NEVER STOP THE PAIN -- doesn't it kind of seem like Cymbalta is somehow claiming that EGADS, depression has evolved and the newest strain of depression causes physical pain, and sweet jesus, the only way to stop it is with Cymbalta?

Like Anthrax:Cipro :: Depression:Cymbalta.


1 comment:

Lynn said...

Interesting perspective on these ads. Glad you shared.

As a person w/chronic depression who, by the way is taking Cymbalta, I viewed the ads as educational and hoped that viewers might get an idea of the "pebble dropped in a pond" effect of depression.

But if you feel this way about this ad, you can't be the only one. I wonder if the ad agency that put this together knows of your feedback.

Thanks again.