Friday, July 23, 2004

We have sold our souls for your viewing pleasure

So! I am often at work. Often often often. Bom de Bom de Bom. I make promos for the Vee. If you go to this now-defunct and super-un-updated website for "Hot Spots," you can watch a whole bunch of spots starring singing and dancing kitties. Those are mine, with animation by the wonderful and magical Joel Veitch.
I share a boa-filled office with the very tolerant Kelly Johnson. When we work together, we call ourselves "Schwohnson." We rock pretty damn hard, yo. Check out this spot we made for I Love the 90s -- it's our tribute to the Peach Pit.
Looksie here: we are so cute.

The people behind the promos -- Louis, Kelly, Scott (Kelly's pre-husband), me, Hunter. We might look like we're 30-year-olds at a prom, but we're actually in the Catskills at our friends' (Matt and Kristin Richman) wedding. We lurf them.
Yuppers, we're tight as prepubescent vaginas over there at the vee. Sean T. Conrad offers proof: in this photo, Louis and I are cutting a veritable rug @ Kelly's birthday/New Year's party. Sean T. Conrad says, "Louis, a large funny man, and Bex, a hot, crazy girl in a short skirt, won the prize for Best Drunken Embarassing Dance."
Sean T. Conrad may be many things, but he's not a fool. However. At least I can say that I wasn't embarassed.

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