Monday, July 26, 2004

Fan Appreciation Day!

I think I'm ripping this concept off from Liam, who used to name days after his admirers. Thanks, Liam! That being said, it's Thank You Nathan Day! Nathan writes: "Hey! just wanted to say your one of the only reasons i watch Vh1's A2Z, because even if they are having an episode on someone i don't like, i just watch it anyway to see you, because you are hot!!take care.Keep up the jokes! Nathan"
Well, I'll be darned. Thanks, Nathan! It's viewers like you who keep Amerika's airways strong. Thanks for you indiscriminate support. I will continue to attempt to be hot and joke-makifying, just for you.

An anonymous person writes: "Bex, I am really sorry to be just another guy leaving the same type of comment but I do enjoy A2Z even when its someone I think is HIGHLY OVERRATED like pam anderson, JUST because You might be on. You have heard it before and I will let you know AGAIN, You are HOT and the cutest thing on VH1, because not only do you have physical beauty but you also know how to dress and adorn that brag of nature your body is."
Thanks, anonymous! I must say, I am mildly paranoid because your comment is so flattering that I feel like it must come from one of my friends who is trying to fuck with my head. But, as we all know, I like mind-fucking, so WHOOOMP, there it is, or rather, WHOOOMP, bring it on. I must say, in terms of on-VH1-cuteness (girl style), I certainly think that Rachael Harris outcutes me at least a million to one. And, boy-style, just forgetaboutit -- the talking head boys on VH1 are all cutie-patooties. paTOOties, i tell you! But, thank you, Anonymous! You've made me feel that being a voluptuous brunette is a-okay! And for that, it is also Thank You Anonymous Fan Day! Thank you in particular for coining the phrase 'that brag of nature.'

I think we should all use that phrase in our everyday speech.  As in, "Have you seen those cherry blossoms? They sure are a brag of nature!" Or perhaps, "The mesas of New Mexico are an out and out brag of nature. Marvel at their plateaux!"

In other news, I have something like the flu and now I must go take to my bed and read Leonard Cohen novels. Please send virtual un-chicken soup. Thank you.


Emilio said...

Hey, I am the anonymous guy who posted that comment the other day and the reason I am anonymous is because I was not signed in or something, anyway I would like to give credit where it is due, Author and Poet JOHN MILTON actually said the words "brag of nature" check out my blog to see,
I took from Milton because only a poet could describe that which is BEX.
Very Sincerely,
Emilio, formerly known as anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hi Bex!

I thought you might appreciate this. My five year old son Teddy can't get enough of the intro movie on your website Planet Bex. He squeals with delight when I play it, and mimicks, "Go to the planet Fej!"
Also, he runs around the apartment shouting "I love the 90's!" As if this weren't enough, today he stood in front of the television repeating, "A to Z! A to Z!"
I suppose I should turn off VH1, but I really have the hots for Michael Ian Black and Mo Rocca. Anyway, thanks for bringing a smile to my kid's face.