Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blooop = the Sound of a Swelling Head

Hi Hi! Thanks for visiting. You're not allergic to kitties, are you? Good. Can I offer you something to drink? A blue beverage, perhaps? All right, then. No need to get defensive. It's totally cool.

Anyhoodles! If you're an avid VH1 viewer (and who isn't, I ask you), mayhaps you've caught a glimpse of the wacky-looking girl who wears a big star necklace in every episode of A2Z. c'est moi. So here's me. This is my first time wading into the depths of the interweb, so please be patient and please don't snicker at my waterwings; I'm not a strong swimmer.

Love and kisses,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey! just wanted to say your one of the only reasons i watch Vh1's A2Z, because even if they are having an episode on someone i don't like, i just watch it anyway to see you, because you are hot!!take care.Keep up the jokes!