Thursday, July 22, 2004

My head, a few months ago.

bexheadmarchLook, it's me. Andrew Hammer is awesome -- he's a photographer (and a clown! as in: big red nose and floppy shoes) and he made me look pretty. Here's my head. If you squint at it funny, you should eventually see an image of a Sailboat. Magic-eye style, yo.

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Anonymous said...

Bex, I am really sorry to be just another guy leaving the same type of comment but I do enjoy A2Z even when its someone I think is HIGHLY OVERRATED like pam anderson, JUST because You might be on. You have heard it before and I will let you know AGAIN, You are HOT and the cutest thing on VH1, because not only do you have physical beauty but you also know how to dress and adorn that brag of nature your body is.