Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Passover

This is what it says on the youtube thing:

Sometimes you have the world's worst sinus infection and you are going CRAZY with the pain and it hurts so much and you are taking all sorts of medicines and then at night when you try to go to sleep, this starts happening in your brain and also: happy passover.
And, honestly, I'm not like, totally insane, it's just that this sort of thing has been happening in my head because it hurts so much so I decided to exorcise the demon, so to speak, by just making the damn thing. Also, did I mention that I have the world's worst sinus infection? So i am stuffy. And in SO MUCH PAIN. I wish I could drill two holes, one under each eye, and put little buckets there like they do in Vermont to collect the maple syrup. Anyway. It's my Happy Passover card to you! Happy Passover.

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