Monday, March 15, 2010

Chat Roulette Win!

Chat Roulette Win! This live piano-improv-song-as-commentary-whilst-chat-rouletting makes me happy like Jonathan Coulton's song about Flickr makes me laugh or like Stuckey and Murray's "Dramatic Song at the End of the TV Show" song makes me laugh. Also, I took some serious pain killers because I frakked up my back so maybe everything is just more funny than usual. And then I was walking back to my office from my mix and a pigeon flew into my hair and now I probably have bubonic plague.

Note: Chat Roulette Win because I only tried to Chat Roulette once and Lindsay and I put on costumes and then my camera on my laptop didn't work and it was so sad and was decidedly a Chat Roulette Fail... but if this guy Merton ever chat-roulette-sang to me, I would totally sing back.

oh! credit to @TheSquare!

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Murray said...

Haaaaaa! Amazing!