Friday, February 08, 2008

Please Watch FREE RADIO Tonight at 9:30 on VH1!

Howdy, friends! Howdy, Howdy, Howdy! If you watch one show tonight at 9:30, it should be "Free Radio." And if you DVR one show at 9:30, it should be "Free Radio." And if you watch two shows tonight, you should probably watch last night's "Lost" so you can read the internet without spoiling it for yourself. Anyway. I've been working on the promos for Lance Krall's new show, "Free Radio," for a good long time now. And it's a funny show. You'll laugh. You'll be entertained. You'll be happy you postponed going out just to watch this show. For reals, I promise.

To whet your appetite and wet your whistles, enjoy this trailer. We call this a "supertrailer" around these parts because we enjoy inventing redundant terminology. But this trailer/teaser (whatevs) should float your boat. Play "name that celeb" and try to identify all the super famous people who are going to appear on the show!


Anonymous said...

Please Do NOT!

bex said...

Yo, anonymous - I don't visit your blog and contradict everything you say, mostly because I am a wonderful person but also because you hide behind the cloak of anonymity because you're a weenie. So, please, look, you're bugging me. Stop it.