Monday, February 18, 2008

Dance Party! Friday Night!

Hi you guys!
Guess what! You should come to our Mike Doughty Video benefit party. It's going to be awesome. Mike is DJ'ing. I will be there. Dancing my tailfeathers off. So please come!


Let's raise some money to pay for our music video! There will be wonderful music provided by your DJ, Mike Doughty! And there will be dancing! And standing around with the bopping of heads!

Friday, Feb 22, 10:30 pm
At the Knitting Factory (74 Leonard Street)
in the Old Office (downstairs from the Tap Bar)
Plus a donation box for those inclined to donate.
Starring: Your DJ, Mike Doughty

Want a tasty sample like those little cups of food they sometimes pass out on the street? Go to Dubious Luxury , the online home of DJ Mikey Dough.

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