Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy Musings Part Deux

Is Fergie preggie? She was onstage for such a long time, so awkwardly greeting Sir George Martin and son, and I'm not judging and maybe she ate a cheeseburger, which is fine, but did she look pregnant?

I love Tina Turner, but when she wears a silver jumpsuit and looks like the android version of Tina Turner, I'm wondering how I'm supposed to know that's really her and not an animatronic robot Tina Turner, because if there were robotic Tina Turners out there, I hope we'd be using them for the power of good.

I believe that Cher will outlast the nuclear winter.

When Beyonce was sitting on that chair at the beginning of her number, it was some really unfortunate thigh placement.

(this blog has just become a tumblr. Word).

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