Thursday, December 21, 2006

Love for the Medley

This morning, I was listening to Mike Doughty on the 'pod, and he was doing a medley of all these 90s songs, and a warm flush of contentedness washed over me.

Because, there is nothing better than a good medley.

A good medley lets your brain experience all the creamy-nougat-centers of all those tasty morsels of music by combining the best bits to stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain.

The first time I experienced the joys of medley, it was Weird Al and his "Polka on 45" jam.

(artfully set to video by genius clip-wrangler Ozshadow).

And just yesterday, youtube featured a clip from my friend Rob Paravonian, wherein he rants about Pachelbel's Canon. The medley bit is at the end:

See? Doesn't the medley make you feel good? It's all these little pieces of songs that make you happy, usually because you look back at the happy-songs with fondness and nostalgia.

The neural pathways of the medley are also linked to the joy that comes from watching retrospective clip shows of your favorite sitcoms and one-hour dramas.


Sean Nelson said...

i'll have you know that *my* '90s song has been partially covered by both M. Doughty (in Soul Coughing days) AND Weird Al.

bex said...

Dear, sweet Sean:
the 90s would have been nothing with you.

And maybe Marcy Playground, but the verdict is still out on those guys.

Jay said...

How do you feel about the Beatles "Love" album then? It's that same hardwired joy that I've tried to express to people who doubt its use. But it's really cool and happy to hear these things and hooray! I'm so glad they chose that bit cause that's one of MY favorite bits and it's friggin Beatles chocolate and peanut butter!

I quite liked Jimmy Fallon's "Can't Touch This" medley a few years ago, though he did have to shoehorn it a bit.

I live for Oscar montages. Why else would I be watching?

OzShadow said...

Glad you enjoyed the clip :)

Abigail Bukai said...

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