Thursday, December 14, 2006


So! On December 30, 2004, I had a chat with Joshua "Danger" French that I blogged and entitled "Crossing the North Pole with a Curtain Rod and an Old Duck." In this very important chat, Mr. French coined the term "kickawesome."

If you google "kickawesome" today, there are thousands and thousands of hits! So, with some help from my genius google-hacking friend Tom, we figured out how to find out if Mr. French was actually the originator of the word "kickawesome."

To search google by date, you have to figure out the Julian date of whatever date you're trying to search.

So,12/30/04 = 2453370 in Julian-speak.

Thus, to search for citations on the internets of "kickawesome" from all-of-time up until 12/30/04, I searched from year 1000 - Dec 30th 2004 and googled:
"kickawesome daterange: 2086672-2453370" and found NO HITS! Until 12/30/04, no one, not even a mouse, had used the word "kickawesome."

And then, when I searched for "kickawesome" after 12/30/04, (as in, I looked for citations from Dec 30th, 2004 until today via:
"kickawesome daterange: 2453370-2454084")I found THOUSANDS OF HITS.

Which means that "kickawesome" originated on the internets on 12/30/04, and Joshua "Danger" French officially coined the word. And then it spread like wildfire! Or like herpes! Depending on which visual metaphor you prefer to imagine spreading!

And, fret not, I have notified urban dictionary and Merriam-Webster. If you'd like to let other open dictionaries know, please be my guest.

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