Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving at the White House

(Photo of awesomeness by my buddypal Matt)

Speaking of Thanksgiving at the White House, my boo and I were watching the news on Thanksgiving whilst preparing to go out for a decidedly non-traditional non-holiday dinner, and Ann Curry was filling in for Brian Williams and NBC news was clearly operating with a skeleton crew. At the top of the program, Ann Curry was talking about holiday shopping while they showed images of drinking and driving behind her. TEEHEE! Admittedly, holiday shopping is a lot easier when you have three bloody mary's in your tummy tum tum, but it was obvious that they were using the b-roll for the "Drinking and Driving" segment behind the "Black Friday" piece. It was at the very least mildly amusing.

But the very bestest part was right before a commercial break, Ann said, "Up next, a look at Thanksgiving in one of the worst places in the world ..." and then, they cut to a graphic of the menu from "Thanksgiving Dinner at the White House."

One of the worst places in the world? You know it. Big ups to the universe for enabling that slip-up -- and thank you, Ann Curry, for being the conduit.

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Aaron said...

That's one of the downsides of living on the left coast -- they always fix the mistakes for our feeds of the nightly newscasts... like the CBS show a couple weeks ago where poor Katie had to stand around for TWO MINUTES when their last package wouldn't roll.

They cut to credits and a bump shot... then rolled a couple promos... then came back for another bump shot...
all the while Katie was just standing there looking lost. So sad.