Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Reason Why I am Totally Awesome

See that pretty brown donkey? Right next to my head?

Just after my boo took this photo, that donkey bit me.

Here is a list of the injuries incurred whilst on vacation:
1) burnt by fire coral
2) bitten by donkey
3) fell on top of a nice Dutch lady while attempting to disembark from boat

Clearly, being bitten by a donkey is the most awesome thing in the whole world. Because, do you know anyone else who was bitten by a donkey? YOU DO NOT.

Thus, I am awesome.


Anonymous said...

no way... i can't believe it!

you completely resisted any and all ass-biting jokes!!

Anonymous said...

Fire coral? Stepping off the boat? Your earlier post said you wouldn't be diving. But you were at the primier diving resort on the Caribbean's best diving island? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, hadn't signed in properly. That previous post was from me. And for the record I'm just curious if you got out and saw the coral. Didn't ever spot you in the water. Morgan

bex said...

hi Morgan! I got hit with the fire coral in the shallows at the Plaza. By the time we got to Capt. Don's, I was only snorkeling (no more swimming in the shallows). We chose Capt Don's for the awesome vibe and the night-snorkel izing and such -- next time, we'll join the dive boat and snorkel out in the deeps. I have serious sinus problems and my doctors warned me not to go deeper than 5 feet or so, lest my head explode. How was the rest of your trip?

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