Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I STILL Want My Freezy Freakies!

So you all know I've been obsessed with Freezy Freakies since I love the 80s 3D. And I haven't been able to find them on ebay, so I emailed the fine people at Swany Gloves, the manufacturers of the original Freezy Freakies (version 1.0). And they sent me photos of their new Freezy Freakies (version 5.0?) that you can buy at Bob's Stores and BJ's Warehouses and stuff like that. I don't think there's a Bob's nor a BJ's in Manhattan, but perhaps all of you lucky people in the suburbs can buy freezy freakies for this winter.

Personally, however, I'm still waiting to buy a pair of 1.0's, preferably with a unicorn or a castle or a magical snow fairy on 'em.


Lesley said...

I am a long time reader, and your posts make me laugh out loud... so as payback, I did a google search on Freezy Freakies. eBay! Three more days to bid! GO BEX!


Anonymous said...

There's some deadstock ones on ebay right now!

Jarrid said...

I'm pretty sure they have BJ's where I live. If I find out anything about those 5.0s I'll say so.

Anonymous said...

i just saw some today at the bj's in my town, but they are for kids 3-7, and i have super gigantore monster hands!!! my hopes went up to unseeable heights then crashed into the earth creating an enormous crater in 0.5 seconds because that SUCKED.