Monday, November 21, 2005

All Access: Celebrity Parties

Man, I didn't even know I shot this one.
Check it on out: All Access: Celebrity Parties premieres on VH1 tonight at 9pm, with a sneak peek at 5pm. I am tan, that's all I know.


The Paradox said...

I'll watch it with bells on. Wait....somehow that doesn't sound quite

I'll watch it....period.....wait...that's sounds harsh.....I'll watch it as you would watch it.......wait THAT sounds really dumb....Well you know what I mean. I'll shut up now.

In case your wondering, I'm trying to make you laugh Bex.

Hope you're feeling better and
Happy Turkey Day.


Dr. Squid said...

I caught a bit of you on this last night while channel surfing - and you were decidedly tan...just like a Thanksgiving turkey!

fruity73 said...

I saw you on TV for the first time last night it was the Best Friends one you did. They showed it on TMF in the UK(I'm too poor to have VH-1 !)

I'm seeing the Minus 5 with Robyn Hitchcock in London in January, it's going to be awesome, especially with the Posies playing the following night.