Monday, November 28, 2005

Bee Deedlybobbers, A Sword, A Jock Strap and Instructions on How to Become a Navy SEAL

orry for disappearing, kiddos. I'm in prepro for a mega massive shoot this Friday and, alas, I have no time for frivolity. But! Here's a quick hit of love for you:

So, my roomie brought home a dresser last night that he'd found on the street (lemme tell you, trash night in Chelsea is kickawesome). And in the top drawer, he found these four artifacts: bee deedlybobbers, a plastic sword, a jock strap (sans cup, but seemingly unused) and a print-out of the requirements and instructions for becoming a Navy SEAL. We tried to figure it out -- did the wannabe SEAL buy the sword to practice all those stand-at-attention sword things those militerrific people do? Whilst wearing a jockstrap? And bee antennae? We just couldn't quite figure it out. If a dude were to toss his dresser, why would he leave these particular artifacts in his top drawer? Zug? The mind reels. And the rind meels.

artifacts, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

In other Chelsea awesomeness, we went to Blossom last night, which is Chelsea's first organic vegan restaurant. It is a teensy bit 'spency but it is AWESOMELY DELICIOUSO! Go go go, my organavegan friends!

In other news, All Access: Red Hot Red Carpet 2005 premieres this Wednesday, November 30th at 9pm.

In other news, my friend and one-time costar of our I Love the 90s "Peach Pit" and "90s Specials" spots, Hal Sparks, has relaunched his website to tout his band, the oddly-named Hal Sparks Band.

In still other news, I have been asked to Grand Marshal the North American Cycle Courier Championships in Philadelphia. I hear it's a Dionysianly awesome bloody good time. I shall be there.

In yet still other news, a fan has asked me to call her friend and wish him a merry Xmas for his Xmas present. I kinda want to fly to wherever he is and wassail him in person.

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