Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch CNBC Tonight! At 10pm!

Dearest friends - I am finally well-ish and back at work (I was sick for quite some time and my modem also decided to get sick in sympathy for me and so we were both sick and there was no internet in my house when I was stuck in bed for days on end all alone with no internet and only my hugging-panda for company) and back to my blog. With a grand ol' announcement!

I will on The Big Idea with Donny (awesome) Deutsch tonight! Set your tivo/divo for 10pm but I think my segment hits around the 10:30 mark. I'm in the "Big Idea / Bad Idea" debate and I throwdown against the lovely Bernadette Pauley. Even though we sort of wanted to have a catfight and then kiss 'n' make up afterwards, I think we held a vaguely civil debate. You can be the judge. We debate, you decide. Oh whoops, wrong network. Teehee!


Nate said...

I love The Big Idea! Donny rules!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to say please.

Please do not watch any TV!

ioulios said...

Dude(tte). My freakin' reader didn't pick this up! ;____;