Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bizarre Astronaut Love Triangle

As can be easily expected, I am obsessed with the tale of the CRAZY-in-LOVE astronaut who drove 14 hours in diapers to go attempt to kidnap the woman who was ALSO "involved" with the stud astronaut, Bill. And also, of course, that the crazy-in-love astronaut is married with three kids. And also, OF COURSE, that she was clearly going to kill her romantic rival. AND ALSO: because she clearly has a serious case of SPACE MADNESS.
So, look! I just learned how to do this:
I made an ORGANIC MASHUP (meaning: I didn't edit anything, I literally mashed up a song and some news footage) of the BIZARRE ASTRONAUT LOVE TRIANGLE.

Behold: (I think it's both epic and beautiful).

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North American Scum said...

I think the best part about this is the diaper. But, not that she wore one. I applaud that she tried to save time by wearing one and yet, still had to stop to get gas...

Didn't this psycho realize that it's not very menacing to attack someone wearing a diaper? That's why you don't see that many elderly serial killers these days (along with the cuts in Medicare).