Thursday, October 27, 2011

"The Literary Whores of Thailand"

So, you guys know that Bangkok is seriously under water and the floods are really horrific across Thailand and it is bad news bears over there.

A good friend of mine has fled BKK for Pattaya, which is sort of known for being sex touristy, but also beachy! (I did not go there, because I was a lady traveling alone and being in a place know for sex tourism felt ick-icky to me) (also why I avoided Phuket). Anyway! He and his fiancee fled to Pattaya to avoid the monsoon floods affecting Bangkok, and he sent me this photo of a prostitute who beckoned him to her bar.

As Josh put it: Are there literary whores of Thailand?

My pal in Pattaya explained: “I got so excited when I saw that dress, and she had no problem with my taking a picture, and no clue at all who Jonathan Safran Foer is.  Someone, I’m guessing, just dug the font.”

Literary Whores of Thailand is my new band name.

In my head, there is a prostitute wearing a Jonathan Franzen “The Corrections” dress right across the street.

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