Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That's Not Legal

I would like to say, for the record, that were I in a situation like on Mad Men when Bobbie Barrett was asking Don Draper what he liked, I would not hesitate to answer. These are things that I like that are right on the very tippy toppermost of my tongue:

Reality television!
Also some more pandas!
Science Fiction!
Futurism / Singularity thinkings and thoughts!
Survival from Zombies (both literal and metaphorical)

Rich's top model recaps!
Still yet more pandas!
The Hold Steady!

And that's just on the very outermost membrane. I could go on. But I shan't. Because, in light of all the delightful news about Ghostbusters 3, and also after a discussion with a friend about Ghostbusters 2 --

ahem -- (yes, it's flawed! but, yes: it's a movie about ghostbusters (ghostbusters!) with an evil Carpathian villain and Peter MacNicol and its message is that you have to be positive and nice because that is the only way to destroy a giant seething mass of pure evil slime that has taken over your city and filled it with bad energy and there are crazy ghosts running amok and ladies are being attacked by their very own fur coats and the ghost Titanic shows up ("better late than never!"), and sometimes goll darn it, you might need the Statue of Liberty to rally the people into being nice and positive because, clearly, ISN'T THAT WHAT NATIONAL MONUMENTS ARE ALL ABOUT???

{in 2008, i feel like the Statue of Liberty would not be able to get a mob of New Yorkers to generate positive vibes. They would have to shower the city with Insta-Health-Coverage and Affordable Real Estate vouchers and then people would be thrilled}.

But perhaps, in 1989 national monuments still made people happy. And it gives one hope to think that even if evil slime is making crazy electrocuted-prisoner ghosts turn your courtrooms upside down, you can counter evil slime with good vibes and turn it into good, happy slime, and then if you were to think happy thoughts and also perhaps play Howard Huntsberry's cover version of the Jackie Wilson song "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher" for the slime because it seems to particularly like that song, and then you could perhaps harvest and harness the power of the happy slime vibrations, and then you could apply that potential energy to the Statue of Liberty and turn it into kinetic energy, why then -- then you could make the Statue of Liberty walk to the Art Museum, and then people would see it and be cheered! And then their good will and joy could break the evil slime's hold on the city and all would be right with the world and Dan Ackroyd would be acting like he was on Ecstasy. Whatta message, am I right? Even when evil slime is oozing all over your city and making holographic ghosts chase its inhabitants around the city, things will get better by thinking good thoughts and doing good things. I am an avowed hippie, and I say to you: think good thoughts and do good things and things will get better. ) --

unahem. -- So. Therefore. I find myself thinking often about Ghostbusters. GHOSTBUSTERS!

Anyway. So Ghostbusters 2 is no Ghostbusters 1, but it's still awesome. Because ... it's the Ghostbusters. So, please, rap along:

(Christopher Reeve at 1:16!)

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