Friday, September 12, 2008

"I Feel So Funky"

In a wonderful instance of the universe being awesome, mere days after pouring my love for Ghostbusters all over the internets, I am thrilled to announce that I am changing hotels tomorrow -- not just because this hotel requires crazy circumnavigation to get to because of too many impossible-to-make-left-turns but also because they smash glass bottles outside of my room every night and it is very far away from everywhere I need to go in LA -- but mostly because I am switching to the very hotel that played "The Sedgewick" in Ghostbusters. That's right. I will be staying in the very hotel where they got slimed. I hope Slimer is still there, but is the helpful, lovely Slimer of the cartoon rather than the mischievous beastie of the movie. Although I have already pulled a Lucy Ricardo and ironed an iron-shape into one of my skirts, so what additional damage could a beastie Slimer do? Nothing. Exactly. SLIME ME, SLIMER! I want to feel funky, too!

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