Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Faaabulous Life of Tony Stark

1) I love Robert Downey Jr. so much. He is my most favorite actor of all time, and I not-so-secretly would chuck it all to run away with him (or Tony Stark) forever.
2) Look at me being all "Fab Life" stillz. Bwa ha!
3) You might want to enter the "Be Tony Stark for a Weekend sweepstakes . If you win, please to take me with you?


scarlett101 said...

Love that clip, it's so clever..."crown jewel of awesome" haha. I don't think Jarvis is included but I am totally down for some Rodeo Drive shopping and a cushy free trip to LA! that's for sure the only way I'll get to live like Tony Stark.

Michael Duff said...

I just want the house. Blondes optional.