Sunday, May 06, 2007

When You're Weary, Feeling Small

Let's say you were pretty upset about something. And let's say you were so upset that you kind of couldn't stop booting. So let's say you haven't eaten anything all day because you have this booting problem. Do you know what the ONE THING IN THE WORLD that will make you all better is?

Yes. Correct!
The sight of Celine Dion doing the hambone. It's about twenty-six seconds in. Enjoy.

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Hoppy McRibbit said...

Why does Steven Tyler look Canadian in this clip and where's the rest of Aerosmith?

Also, didn't Celine Dion break the law with this performance? I read somewhere that to get passage into this country, she forfeited the right to "rock" and can't look like a menacing human skeleton. Just another immigrant breaking out laws...