Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vote for the Worst

I am mildly obsessed with Vote for the Worst. If you live under a rock or you don't watch TV (GASP!), it's a website that chooses the worst American Idol contestant and urges the good people of Amerika to vote for the, um, worst. It's apparently why Sanjaya is still around. And, I tell you, I think it's just fantastic. I love subversion. And I love democracy. But mostly, I love subverting democracy. American Idol gives YOU the right to choose who becomes a wannabe superstar -- why not choose the durstest possible contestant, because what a laugh we'll all share?

A veritable chortlefall of hilarity.

So, I say: do it! Vote for the worst for American Idol. Just don't do it for American Government and other Electable Positions, because that would suck, hard. Like a Dyson. Hard-sucking.

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Leigh said...

Cool. I like subversion. Never heard of that site before. thanks! :)