Monday, December 19, 2005

Live Blogging the Transit Strike

11:50 OH BOY! This is so exciting. This is better, even, than watching King Kong! Because the stakes are so high but's happening right now! To us! Because, goodness gracious, if this strike happens, shit's gonna be CRIZAZY. i mean, it's cold! So NY1 is calling this Strike Watch, and I tell you, this is the greatest movie ever. The tension is so high -- how will I finish Christmas shopping? Does all of Brooklyn stay home? And, wait! How does the infrastructure of NY function? Where will the Dunkin' Donut employees be -- perhaps they don't live in Manhattan and won't be able to get to work, and then who will pour me coffee? OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!

11:56 And so. It seems the transit strike might actually happen. And they've threatened to fine any transit worker who strikes because there's a law in place that they enacted after the last transit strike that says that striking transit workers get slapped with a ginormous fine. but can't the union take 'em to court over that -- isn't that downright unconstitutional? to deny a group the right to protest? SWEET JEBUS! Ain't that what this country was founded on???

11:58:30 And what if they can't even open the stores because all the employees are stranded in Queens???

11:59 Oh, a speech.

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