Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tripping at the Muppets

So I went to see The Muppets tonight! A me party, all by myself. I loved it to pieces. LOVED IT. But this is not a review of The Muppets, which you should all see and love. This is the story of the Tripping Lady!

During the preshow, I was looking at my phone and trying to ignore the toddlers squawking behind me. During the trailers, all the kids seemed to be settling down. Right before the movie started, there was a brief spot featuring The Muppets telling us all to be quiet and to turn off our cel phones. When Statler and Waldorf appeared, someone sitting up front yelled "FUCK YEAH!" and threw their arms into the air. It was cute. I mean, we all were excited, right? Sure! I have been known to yell things in movies before.

And then the movie started and there was a song and this person stood up started dancing in her seat. She was sort of looking around at the rest of us like "Why aren't you joining me? We should be dancing! This is a movie with the Muppets!" But she didn't sit down. And then movie theater person went over to talk to her. I was trying to pay attention to the movie so I stopped watching that scene play out.

Until she was escorted out of the theater, and as she was perp-walked across the center aisle, she started dancing again! And both of her arms were covered in rolls of industrial toilet paper! Like the ones in the movie theater bathrooms:

And she broke free from the security guy and started and singing and dancing across the aisle, waving her toilet paper around.

I am pretty sure she was on mushrooms or something like that? Then she was gone and we all enjoyed the movie. I live pretty close to the theater so I just walked home without stopping to use the restroom but I assume there is no more toilet paper anywhere at that particular AMC.

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