Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things Like This Make it Possible To Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Yes, tigers. There are things to make even the most permanent over-sleeper (that's me. I'm not wired for the mornings) get up in the morning. Things like unicorns, and soy vanilla pudding and The Hold Steady. But, more importantly, there are things like the classic "We Are the World" video (a highlight of 1984, to be sure, and the focal point of my first-grade existence), done all-new-all-over-again -- this time, starring Japanese impersonators playing each celebrity role and mimicking their lines. If just for the guy doing Bruce Springsteen (which was always the part I played when my friends and I would recreate this video), this is youtubular amazingness. It tickles my pleasure center.

And, O goodness; the Cyndi Lauper lady. Dead on, sister, just dead on. And Ray Charles! Gah! Ray Charles!

I don't know if you share the same near-obsessive compulsion with W.A.T.W., but I used to watch that shit over and over again and I knew every word and I could even identify everyone in the video (why is Dan Ackroyd there?) and if you'd like to know everyone who pops up, there's info here, but it's sort of cheating because, really, you should be able to recognize EVERYONE - Al Jarreau, whuuuuut?

(hat tip to the always wonderful BWE.tv for the amazingness).

Send them your hearts so they know that someone cares, and their lives will be stronger and free.

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