Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Killing Nail

... to all I Love New York viewers, I would just like to say during that this week's episode, where she got all crazy over Buddha coming and going from her hotel room, she was oh-so-clearly going through the irrationality that can only come about when one has PMS and one is taking the birth control pillsies. Soul Sister, Tiffany! I salute you for putting the Yasmin-crazies on the television! (Can I get a what-what from the ladies who get all crazy from the birth control pill! WHAT WHAT.)

Incidentally, I am going to start a band called "The Killing Nail."

Who's in?

(screengrab ganked from Rich's celebreality recap at the VH1 blog. Loves it!)

I texted Rich that I wanted to start a band called "The Killing Nail" and he promptly replied "Sister Patterson and The Killing Nail." To which I say: it now appears here on the internets, 11:29 pm on Tuesday, December 11th, 2007, thus it is copywritten and claimed so, srsly, don't go stealing it. Because it is so good it makes me squeal. Squeeee!

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