Sunday, September 16, 2007

In Case You Missed It

If anyone knows how to hack streaming video and wants to (ahem ahem) put this shizz on the youtubes, be my guest. But perhaps you missed my appearance this week on the Abrams Report on MSNBC! I mean, for reals, what else were you doing on Monday night? Watching "Mission: Man Band?" If you were watching Man Band, that's forgivable. Any other excuse is l-to-izzame.

Look, here's me and Dr. Drew Pinsky talking about Britney: (click here)

And here's me and supercute Dan Abrams talking about Kid Rock and Tommy Lee (I'm at the end of the segment). Yes, I said "man sausage" on teevee, much to my mother's embarassment and chagrin. (click here)

Watch, rinse, repeat!

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