Friday, August 10, 2007

Watch me on TV Tonight!

Yo yo yo -- set your time-shifting television-recording device now! "The 40 Greatest Reality Show Moments 2" premieres tonight on VH1 at 8pm! Two hours of awesome! And it will probably repeat for many, many times! Because it's VH1!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Watched you on the show tonight. Pretty much watched it only because of you. Don't wanna sound creepy but you are f'ing hot. Super cute and funny? Sign me up!!!
Keep it up. Hope to see you on TV soon.


If you want to tell me how weird I am, write me at

Anonymous said...

No need to record the show, I am sure it will be reaired a bunch more times.

@pdxgiantsfan13 You are not "weird" you are a tool. Do your wife a favor, and be a man. Make it "Single and Looking" not "Married But Looking"


PS. Enjoy the SPAM you will be getting because you posted your address.