Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blog Love

I dig:
Mr. Babylon's Only Lost Blog You'll Ever Need.. I'm a Lost dork and I read all the boards (lurker stillz) when time permits, but something about this particular blog just tickles my fancy the way it likes to be tickled.

My boys, The Long Winters, are Spin's band o' the day!

This roundup of kickawesome mp3 blogs (thanks, always'n'forever, to Stereogum for the tip. And superspecial hearts to the new 'gum writers. Jed 'n' Jim are j-tastic!

Gorilla vs. Bear has been tickling my eardrums for quite some time -- go visit and learn about bands you've never heard of because you don't have discretionary time to surf the bsphere.

Yes, I just used the term "bsphere." Suck it.

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